I took the opportunity offered by a pig roast in West Virginia to take a stab at night photography, with some pretty interesting results. In the shots I took earlier in the night, you can see some of the clouds in the sky, which lend a dynamic energy and movement to the images. Later, when the clouds disappeared, the stars filled the sky like sand in a brilliant sandbox. I’m excited for some more nighttime photography experimentation and I’m already dreaming of a desert vacation in the near future.

Fall has embraced the mid-Atlantic in its chilly yet comforting arms, and so it was the perfect chance to head west into the Shenandoah for a couple days to see the leaves changing color, throw on some cable-knit sweaters and goose down vests, and eat some pumpkin and apple spice donuts.

20151017-IMG_867020151017-IMG_8644 20151017-IMG_866420151017-IMG_864720151017-IMG_866620151017-IMG_864620151017-IMG_8668  20151017-IMG_8651-2


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