An Afternoon in Marathias

We arrived to Zakynthos, “Zante” in Italian, an island in the Ionian Sea, by boat. The island is said to be named after Zacynthos, son of legendary Arcadian chief Dardanos (there’s some wikipedia etymology for ya). On our second or third day on Zakynthos, we rented ATVs and headed out to a beach that was wrapped around on the southeastern tip of the island. Vasilikos was alleged to be one of the more beautiful beaches on the island. On our way out, our ATV caravan had to repeatedly pull over to allow all the cars to go by; some of the hills were a little tough for our petite engines. It made for a slow, more plodding journey that was even more enjoyable than any other mode of transportation I should think. The sun was high in the sky, the air a perfect temperature.20140706-IMG_5565

20140706-IMG_5549 20140706-IMG_559520140708-IMG_5657 20140707-IMG_5602We continued along later on in the evening. TD&H and I snuck off from the group, and explored some other parts of the island. In trying to reunite with the group for dinner, we stumbled upon a small town named Marathias, near Keri where we had been trying to go. We discovered a lovely little rock beach. It was more of a cove. And to get there you had to drive up along a cliff with the most breathtaking view. Clearly, we had to scratch all our plans and jump into the pool of blue water.


{view from the cliff}20140708-IMG_5695 20140708-IMG_5707 20140709-IMG_5723 20140709-IMG_5738 20140709-IMG_5743

{YOLO – always buckle up!}20140709-IMG_5746

{newly weds}



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