Our first morning in Greece, we awoke to a view of the bay, past the undulating hills of olive groves, which we could see beyond as we sat perched in our air bnb that would be our home for the abbreviated week. Initial attempts to walk to the beach soon turned to hitchhiking a ride from two superbly friendly women in their van atop piles of linens in their care.

overlookOverlooking Gaviolahitchhiking

Yarrow - Gaviola

We strolled past the yarrow, past the peach stand and the fruit trees, past the international flags seemingly randomly hung along the side of the street.

Gaviola pomegranateGaviola walkTD&H GaviolaTD&H walk 2Gaviola fruit standGaviola peaches

Gaviola beachWe spent the afternoon at the beach catching our first rays and feeling truly on vacation. One aspect I think we all greatly appreciated about the wedding we were attending was its unique location, and not only the excuse, but the motivation, to trek out to a lesser-visited part of Greece. I felt like we got to experience a more humble and rural type of life than what most tourists get to see in places like Athens or Santorini. In addition to the kind women who gave us a ride in their van was also a local mechanic who offered to give us a ride in his little sedan back up the hill to where we were staying, taking a detour on our behalf in which we witnessed the class divisions within Greece, and of which I felt ashamedly privy to. It was an interesting experience, and an interesting snap back to reality under the blazing Mediterranean sun, where it’s simple to imagine that all troubles cease to exist.


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