Artemida and Attica

During the first week of July, we boarded a plane destined for Greece. Outside of our friends’ wedding, and viewing some World Cup, there was little else on the itinerary. We knew we wanted to eat plenty of good food, soak up the delicious sun, fall asleep with salt from the sea on our skin, and melt into a culture and a country unknown to us.

After we landed in Athens, we determined to use our seven hours wisely before needing to be back at the airport to catch our bus to the Kalamata region in the Peloponnese peninsula. According to a map one of us had printed out, it was a short, straight shot out to the beach on the eastern side of Greece, no more than a 10 minute cab ride away. The four of us (Katherine, Chris, TD&H and myself) hopped in a cab and happily stared out the window at the world going by our windows.

And which kept going… and going… by our windows. We began exchanging nervous glances. Where exactly were we going? Turns out, the beachside town we had requested was a good drive out of town following the available roads. Up and over hill after hill our taxi cab ventured, and after each crest each one of us wondered silently where that ocean that was promised us by our map lay.

Finally, a cobalt blue squiggle lit up the horizon, and we pulled into what felt like a town on the side of the road, littered with beach side restaurants and locals enjoying an unpopulated beach. Upon the recommendation from our cab driver who grew up in the area, we stepped into a restuarant (the third one down on the left) for our first Greek meal. It did not disappoint.

Artemida restaurant Artemida beersArtemida Artemida restaurant Artemida fish lunch

Artemida first lunch{Because of this meal’s novel placeholder as first of many of our meals in Greece, this still stands out to those of us there as one of the best meals we had on our trip. Perhaps the food was so excellently prepared; the servers kept running back and forth, shuttling plates upon plates of food for us, between our table and the chefs apparently working out of the kitchen across the quiet street. Or, perhaps, it was the fact that we had just gotten off the plane, and the feel of the ocean breeze on our skin not only took our breath away, but made the food taste that much better as well.}Artemida greek salad Artemida bread Artemida Greek Salad{Greek Salad: the first of 512,505,567 that I ate this trip}Artemida


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