Yosemite and a Double Wedding

We received a hand drawn invitation in the mail. It will be a double wedding, we are told, with Arrow The Dog as ring-bearer. The scene is a glen within a forest, handmade decorations adorn the trees. Front and center are my friends: two couples, happily standing side by side. My friends, the sisters I went to college with and their husbands-to-be, never ones to shy away from the unconventional, will be getting married in the most unique wedding I’ve been to yet.

In addition to the practical-yet-lovely dresses they wore (can be worn again) and the homegrown, DIY vibe the event had (they were art majors in college, so the decor all had a personal and careful touch), the setting was the perfect mixture of whimsical and breathtaking.

It was also a lot of fun for me to show TD&H one of the many great National Parks, West Coast style.




Yosemite{ A few of us woke up early the morning of the wedding and explored some of the Valley. This is the view from Glacier Point. Unreal. }





YosemiteHappy trails, Claire & Mike and Alden & James. May you all continue to blaze your own paths in life, knowing you have your other right by your side.


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