The Sad Endangered Posts

It’s been much too long since I last posted. I could blame the 2014 Summer Wedding Tour for zapping my weekends, but in reality those have been fun times with great travel opportunities and the perfect excuse to make time for friends. I could blame training for consuming my weekday evenings, but that is one of my primary outlets. So, basically, I have no excuse. I have some lovely photos sitting in a queue awaiting their time in the spotlight. I also know of a few exciting photo opportunities coming up that will surely dazzle. In the meantime, please enjoy the lovely views of my hometown.

Looking at these photos, I’m instantly taken back to my adolescence. The cool fog bank off in the distance is like a comforting blanket. I can hear the seals under the wharf from where I’m taking the photo. I can feel the anxious desire to jump into the ocean and swim until I can’t feel my limbs anymore. I can see the silhouette of the cyprus trees along the cliffs, veiled in ocean mist as the waves explode not far below. I can sense the testosterone in the water as surfers jockey for position in the line up. I observe the bikers as they pedal by, so casually, on beach cruisers. It’s been a while since I spent a long time back in Santa Cruz, but it’s where I’m from, and I carry part of it with me wherever I go. These pictures remind me of that.

Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz Rivermouth


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