Eastern Market

Uh oh. It’s been far too long since my last post. I have photos and adventures of life to share, but things have just been moving quite fast lately. Some work travel here and there, some out of town shenanigans with friends over the weekend. All fun things.

And, speaking of fun things, if you’re in town for the Cherry Blossom festival (my flight home today was packed full of people wearing “Cherry Blossom Festival 2014” shirts), another item you should add to your to-do list in DC is visit Eastern Market. Some friends and I went a few months ago with my camera in tow. It was a rare sunny day during those cold, bleak months that I now hope to forget about. The current weather makes Eastern Market all the more enjoyable for you visitors now.

I break Eastern Market into three separate sections in my brain: there is the cordoned off arts and crafts section where you can find house wares, little drawer knobs, vintage stamps, ceramics, woven scarves, beautifully cut wood stands, and jewelry. One of my favorite vendors is a man who makes mirrors out of old tin ceiling tiles.

Eastern Market | tin tile mirrors

Eastern Market | tin tile mirrors

Eastern Market | tin tile mirrors

Eastern Market | glass drawer knobs

Eastern Market

You are able to find many a unique decorative accent at Eastern Market.

Something vintage | Eastern Market

Something vintage | Eastern Market

Copper Llamas | Eastern Market

After weaving your way through the craftsy side of the market, you can continue on to the main street that is blocked off on weekends. Here, specifically in the summer months, you can find all the fresh produce your foodie heart desires. Since it was winter though, we didn’t even bother looking through this section, though we probably could have found some delicious winter roots, or something equally rustic and organic sounding.

Adjacent to the fresh produce is an interior space, dubbed South Hall Market. Usually crowded, you can find artisan cheeses, meats, seafood, pasta, baked goods and flowers. In the summer months, it’s fun to come here with your friends to pick up all the fixings for a fresh meal to prepare that night together.

Meat | Eastern Market

Eastern Market

On this particular day, after strolling around trying to keep our cash in our pockets, we decided to peel off the main street to duck into a little restaurant for a refreshment. This area of Capitol Hill has seen a bevy of new restaurants grace its side streets in recent years. Accordingly, there is no shortage of interesting looking places to stop for a snack, a drink, or a meal.

Restaurants | Eastern Market

Biscotti | Eastern Market
Fanta! | Eastern Market

If you’re in the area, don’t miss out on Capitol Hill Books. It is my favorite used bookstore in DC, and a book lover’s fantasy. From the second you walk in, you are confronted with a barrage of books that seemingly engulf you. Books pile up near the small cash register, books threaten to fall on you as you climb the narrow staircase, books look out at you from the tiny bathroom-turned-storage-space. You are forced to get cozy with your fellow shoppers and fellow books as you try to make room for one another to sneak by. Though the inventory seems at times overwhelming, if  you are looking for a specific book, especially one of the foreign affairs/history/politics ilk, be sure to ask the employees for help. In this highly educated town, it seems years of questions and wondering’s answers have descended upon this little shop.


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