Eat DC

So, a while back I had determined that I should share my dining experiences around DC, in the hopes that I could somehow muster some free food out of it. I had forgotten about that little goal. Here I am, revisiting it. I’ll try to share mostly good deals and delicious food. If you are in the area and know of other places worth checking out, leave a comment!

Months ago, I went with friends Margaux, Lizzie, and Karyn to a Michigan alumni bar/restaurant in the Columbia Heights neighborhood of NW DC, Kangaroo Boxing Club (KBC). Gramps would be proud, GO BLUE! I had heard a lot about this little place tucked just around the corner from Wonderland Bar, but somehow had not yet paid it a visit.

Kangaroo Boxing Club

 {the oh-so dramatic entering of the Kangaroo Boxing Club}


KBC bar

We had come for one reason, and one reason only: the weekday special of $6 pulled pork sandwich and fries.

KBC Menu

We gave them the courtesy of pretending to look over the menu… buuuut all quickly ordered the same thing.

KBC bar

The atmosphere was cozy and collegiate, the space small, the decor what you would expect out of Columbia Heights; knickknack-y, cool, but not trying too hard.

KBC pulled pork

Our food arrived. Piles and piles of food.

KBC pulled pork

{aaand of course the requisite food close up}

I thoroughly enjoyed the sauces that came with the pulled pork, but I should have refrained from the fries and not eaten the whole thing…shhhhh! TOO MUCH. Whyyyyy.

For $6, I can’t help but recommend coming here, but make sure you have worked up a sizable appetite. The deal is available Monday-Friday. Are there any other tucked away deals you recommend in DC? If so, please recommend!


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