Another Mexico City Post

In my desire to get more photos up here, I’ve neglected to really lay out a story for this post, hence the title struggle. But in some sort of poetic way, that symbolizes to me the nature of traveling and how I like to experience it. No rigid story line to follow, no protagonists or antagonists, no critical build to some zenith immediately followed by a tragic, crumbling denouement. All just cruising, seeing, enjoying. And this is how we experienced Mexico City. Stuck, with all flights back home cancelled, we were able to enjoy 24 hours in a city that knocked my socks off. The parks, the street food, the museums, the people, the metro; all challenged my preconceived notions of our southern neighbor. I’d like to go back and really spend some time here. A wonderful, romantic city.

Mexico City

Bellas Artes Mexico City

Fountain Mexico City

Ceramics, Mexico City

Calabasas, Mexico City

Dia de los Muertos, Mexico City


Tacos, Mexico City

Street food, Mexico City

street food, mexico city

Metro, Mexico City


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