Winter light

It’s official: I chose the worst possible time to start blogging about new photography.

Winter in DC is I’m sure quite tame compared to other parts of the country. However, for this California girl, there’s nothing less appealing about going outside to shoot photos than cold, windy weather. And guess what? We are being hit by some cold, windy weather folks.

I’ve cooked some amazing dishes to share with you all, I swear. But the harsh and limited lighting trickling in through my windows I am afraid will not do the food justice. I have plans to go explore other parts of the city, such as museums and markets, I swear. But those plans too have seemed less exciting under layers upon layers of clothes.

So, despite my own inner ambition-monster/angel (depending on how you look at it) screaming that No, I am not supposed to use old photos on this blog! I am nonetheless going to share some photos from an old trip. These were taken during a 2 week visit to Nicaragua. Thankfully, dear readers of whom there are but a few, I am jetting off to Panama in less than a week. Let this serve as some fodder for that trip, as well as some warmth in your day.

Leon catedral

Cows in pasture

Catedral stooping

Granada stop 4

Granada view from Catedral 1

Mercado en Leon

Peering out over Granada

Wood near Niquinohomo

bonfire maderas


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